Try to be honest ! as the writer for along time, i really curious to know what’s the root of all mankind problem in this whole world ? war, corruption, famines, terorism and crisis in every part of live are great problem which need tobe solve immediately, there are indeed many possible causal to mention and one of it is because unproper ideology .the other problem is until now only one in million people know what the real form of ideology is ?. This tiny book try to give basic information about it ,but the writer suggest to the perusal to keep Search wether they don’t satisfied yet.

The last, I thank to god for giving me the chance to finish this tiny book without any problems and i’d like to thank to all my friends “Azizah, Fairus, Risky, Nafi’ah and Najwa” for all the inspiration to be more quality teenage and to create this tiny book “Pretty but tiny “that’s the way you have to call it.


“THE Real way of life ,” satisfy our mind and quiten our soul “
Way of life in this case is about the ideology which currently exist,has existed and will exist in this world. Perhaps, a lot of people have heard the word “Ideology “before ,but actually no matter you have heard or even never crossed your mind before, is not a big deal to know because the thing that important to know is “what’s the origin of ideology? how big does the ideology influence our life ?.
Well, in fact every move we made , every steps we take and everything we do is always depend on our ideology. Talking about the connection between ideology and our life , I as the writer offer to all the perusal 3 question called “ Uqdatul Qubra”.Where the human ,space and life come from ?, What they life in this world for?and the last,where will the human go after the end of this world?. What a simple question they are but is the answer as simple as the question ? . By the way these question actually has answered by every mankind .But, it depend on their ideology, and as we see there are 3 ideology which is exist (Capitalism and socialism) and has existed (Islam ) in this world and have it’s own dweller.
For each ideology, has their own way to answer these question , For instance Socialist say that “ they are from material ,they merely life to search material and they’ll back to be a material as the end of their life.As an addition there’s no god in their belief and deny spiritual values .The other answer come from Capitalist “ Human is from god ,life is all about money ( capital) and at the end of the day they’ll back to the way of god ,it’s mean that the capitalist produced secularism.The last answer come from Islam (not as only a religion but also as an ideology which has exist for over 13 century) “They are created by god ,life’s is only to obey the rule of god and at the doomsday they’ll back to the way of god .
For the next explaination we’ll have a little information about the origin of each ideology including the history and weakness.
The resurrection of this ideology caused by there’s a social problem which made revolted to the thing that already be ruled by creater .the weakness is the socialist, only search for satisfy their mind ,they avoid the thing that they think was created by god but whatever they do ,they can’t. In economy,
Socialism also bridle the ownership of production factor for personal and it tends to release the attitude of social individual and this condition running well until now in china and the other country which ideology based on socialism-communism , but if we realize and want to analys the minority of society of China , Russia Now days gradually confess that they need god ( Something to worship) Although that feeling only come and out at glance .All the weakness above is enough to show that socialism –communism is un proper ideolgy to hold in every country all over the world (read the first sentence/as the condition of the best ideology) . So ! the last word “We know Karl Max (Father of Socialism) Is a Brainy because he can easily attract a lot of people attantion and even formed an ideology , one of a strong ideolgy in the world, But is it never crossed their mind how enormous the creater of Karl max ?
• The History of communist (Socialist) in Indonesia
What if PKI IN 1965 Successful in taking part OF Indonesia ? Perhaps, Currently Jakarta already go into the cycle of Asian Communist. Spindle of Jakarta –Peking will become a great consilidation , Powerfull expansionist from Korea to New Guinea. A dangerous alliance for south Vietnam, Thailand,laos , Malaysia ,and Singapore .These opinion come from Arnold C Brackamann on his book “ Communist colaps in Indonesia. The other opinion come from an expert of japan communist ,he said that “Japan would be crash down if Indonesia fall on the hand of communist. That condition wasn’t as great as world war II , But it was important enough to influenced the balance of the world.
We back to the fact ,after PKI was Exhorted by all the society ,Moslem’s organizations and ABRI in Indonesia and “Clearance” of PKI Was done.The foreign departement in 1965-1966 found that over 105 thousand people was killed, but Sarwo Edi The Excommander of RPKAD before death, he said that over 3 millions people was killed .
PKI and Doctrin Marxism-Leninnism Was forbided to grow in Indonesia and the family of communist was forbided to be worker in civil servant and military and this rule accur until now. The leader of PKI, DN. Aidit asked to his cadre to increased their sense of “Revolutionary” than he ordered to formed “Generation Expedition 5 “,the power of proletarian and farmers ,they were practised military.The cadres of PKI in rural area brought slogan “Village surround City”, Like the slogan of mao tse tung when he kindle communism in China . On their action, PKI always expressed their hate to certain elements of the society ,they are called “ 7 satan of the village” they are ; Land lord, “tengkulak”, the badits, tukang Ijon, Usurer, rural bureaucracy and the people who take the obligatory alms.
The History has proved that communist would did everything to achieve their goal ,no matter it was full of meaness or not. We flash Back to the history in Indonesia ,We have story ‘bout “Lubang Buaya “, in China murder in “Tiananmen”. Meaness of the communist’s goverment in cuba, nort korea,jugoslavia ,Rumania, Bulgaria ,slovakia and the other always asked for victims.
*Fogerttable Victims
PKI is not only killed a lot of victims but in deepest analys, actually the worst impact come from non fisical victim (moslem call it “aqidah” ). Because the society condition now, no matter he/she an atheis or even hold one religion ,they have the same habitual just like an animal _live without rule _in a state based on rule.

B.Capitalism / Secularism
As the explaination before ,we can find how capitalism answer the greatest question ever. They said “ We are from god, life’s to get capital / Money and at the end of the day they’ll back to the the way of god . Now , why capitalism produced secularism or why these word always related ? .The answer , perhaps could be have a tight connection with the origin of secularism .Well actually the origin of secularism goes back to the old days when the priest had the power not only as “the Priest” but also as the man who controlled the state , they always said that “when they (priest) said something ,the thing that they told was for the name of god ( messager) THE priest always took a high tax by hook or by crook . For along time the “Brainy “actually have objection to that missuse position but they haven’t reason to finished it , they thought that “ a help or an advice in sincerity is not a hope to repay .The objection culminated together with the theory Geosentris ( Priest) and heliosentris (by the brainy).the “Brainy” by theorytical and objective kept standing that the centre of the solar system is the “sun”and the priest couldn’t denied that .Then they draw conclusion that the priest and the brainy has their own way and the priest has no connected with the “brainy anymore ( it gradually produce secularism/ separation religion and daily life) .
If the ideology socialism-communism absolutely deny the existance of god the secularism-capitalism deny it slowly and softly because capitalism confess the existance of god but the other side (daily life) they deny it .The weakness ,just focus to the condition of capitalism country ,particularly ours !
Capitalist give the society unlimited freedom .Rule is created to break By the freedom given to them ,the people are able to do many thing if they have capital .in capitalism country corruption happend almost everywhere and everytime that’s why they have motto”power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely”. This motto could be proper to some of the power holder in USA (Capitalism’s pionner) who do corruption such as Bill clinton,march rich,Rulan Dumas,Felix estrada helmut kohl and many more.

Capitalism have idea to rely on agonitic among the society for the sake of development progress in economy.That’s why it’s not weird if the society of capitalism has change from”homo economicus” to “zoon economicus’’

C. Islam ideology
The last ideology is islam , not anly as a religion but also as an ideology , their answer to the greatest question ever are “ we are from god ,life is only to search the god’s reward and obey the rule of god and at the doomsday they’ll back to the way of god .Differ to both ideology above , this ideology successful to be the real way of life of a country , “Sterile” from the problem such the ideologies before . Its role to control the citizen successful to attrack the non-moslem attantion to live under the protection of “Daulah Khilafah” (A term to call moslem country) . As an addition the islam ideology for a very long time ( 13 century) hold 2/3 of the world and “Crash Down” in 1924 by the hand of a nasionalist “Kemal Pasha”.The history has proved that in 1492 more than 400.000 jewish exodus from spain to “daulah khilafah” when the kingdom of christian reauthorized in spain . Although, the daulah khilafah ruled by the rule of god they belive that this ideology guarantee welfare ,security and the property of the citizen without discrimination religion,race etc.

D. Something important to think about !
Both ideology socialism and capitalism had shown that they have significant difference with islam ideology in colour or when it control states . If we find any dilapidation and stupidity on socialism and capitalism country , the fault is’nt only from the man itself but it also the fault of sytem which create the condition where the society easy to break the rule .This cases different with islam Ideology .if we find a foolness in the History of Daulah Khilafah the fault is not from the system but merely from the personal subject because the system never appear any condition which make any kind of crime easily to happend and this condition runned well until the islam ideology closer to declension not because it has “weakness“ ( because this ideology directly come from the “creater”,the only one who know the most proper rule for the thing it created) but only by betrayyal of Kemal Pasya”attaruk”.

Based on the explaination above , we can take the summary that “it’s true”,if the ideology _way of life which produce the rule and system_ is the thing which control the society . Now we live in capitalism country , how do we fell ? !,sometimes stuck in the middle of “cycle of fear”of terorism ( by unknown and unreal suspect), crisis in every part of live, ,uncontrol free intercourse. crime happend almost everywhere and everytime without real step to solve it . Do we need to change it to Islam ideology ?perhaps,but all we need is sacrifice because this ideology is nothing if we hold it partially, Is it unproper to hold because it’s an ancient ideology ? ofcourse not,coz’ talking about ancient or not actually secularism as the first ideology is more ancient than islam ,but to choose the real ideology,no matter it’s an ancient or not but just look how far the ideology efective to solve the mankind problems.


A little bit about Islamic Liberalism

After Islamic ideology has crashed down in 1924 by betrayyal of Kemal Pasha ( The man which has influenced and contaminated by west/secularism) there so many thing was established, particularly in ideology in order to make the real Islam become unreal and haze. One of them are Islamic liberalism and pluralism. Liberalism of islam always created terms and terminalogy to confuse the moslem , For instance ,liberral creat some of dichotomy such Traditional-modern islam, legalistic/formalistic islam, cultural-struktural islam and many more .Islamic liberalism always talk about politic,democracy,feminism,and freedom of thought.

Charles Kurzman, a professor in religion sociology at univercity north caroline give tree concept about Islamic liberalism,they are :”1.Liberal shari’a” argues that the revelations of the Qur’an and the practices of the prophet command muslims to follow liberal positions.2.”Silent shari’a,”holds that coexistenceis not required by the shari’a ,but is allowed.This trope argues that the shari’a is silent on certain topics not because devine revelation was incomplete or faulty,but because the revelation intentionally left certain issues for humans to choose:3.Interpreted Shari’a ,trope suggests that religious diversity is inevitable ,not just among religious comminities but within islam it self.
There so many reason why liberral avoid islam Thoroughly ( one thing show them support secularism) , liberral say that Daulah Khilafah(islam country)’s unknown and undetected in the history of Islam.Actually all they want is “Freedom”in every part of life, for instance on the name of “Freedom of thought” the liberral always asking about the truth of Al-qur’an , on the name of feedom of attitude adultery,Homosexual are able to do. All this thing only bring them behaviour as nasty as an animal.
Islamic liberalition only mix the wrong and the right or something out from islam . A liberral Kurzman said “The first trope of liberal islam holds that the shari’a requires democracy and the second trope holds that the shari’a allows domocracy”, One BIG question “Islam and domocracy(Produced by secularism/capitalism)are have no connection and even opp.As an addition talking about something which show that it’s defenitly Islam,Islam will never ever do any comprimises. The rule of Islam come from the creater( The one who absolutely know us) but the rule of democracy come from a man. How could Islam depend on democracy ?( what a fool man).
How about islam itself ?
On Islam ,it’s a must to abide by the rule created by god/Allah SWT,But islam also give freedom to science and technology tobe growth.The light years of Islam even proved how progress the science and technology on that period and it’s hard to be denied by an “honest”.A hundred thousand book from every knowledge has been created by the religious man and complete the islamic library. Do you still guess that ISLAM ‘ideology is unproper to hold ? JUST THINK TWICE AND THINK AGAIN.

Thank’s to……….
Thank’s to ALLAh for releasing me from the blind
Give me the change and beautiful mind
Thank’s to Allah for giving me the time
So i can show it to all friends of mine

Thank’s Allah for saving me from the darkness
Leave my memory that full of sadness

Thank’s to nafi’a, salsabilah, fairuz, Risky and Falmugiraty
For inspiring me write about ideology
Now i know which ideology can bring us to the glory
It’s all from you’re guys story


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