There are indeed many possible reason to mention why alot of girls keen on Sban. Talking about his face…Ehm ! He is’nt like Tom Cruise and he is’nt like Brad pitt too, his Style’s too different frome Asthon and not as cool as Justine  and the last if all the Actor from USA, Sban Exactly from Indonesia .Sharply , he’s a mixblood (a half arabian and a half Indonesia),So ! the conclusion is all the actor that mentioned before are have no connection with him .

Well,back to sban.Actually his name ‘s not absolutely Sban, But his real name is Syuaib Bin AbdurrahmaN.His father is Arabian and his mother ‘s Indonesian . His parents divorced since he was child, he only meet his mother only once in five years in USA ! But,he never have any obejection to that odd condition. His friend call him Sban just to make it hotter and cooler.

By the way on the way of bush way, Sban is clever in everything .Except, Math, Physic, Chemistry, Sport and the like ( “well,sorry, but the writer have to say that in fact ,Sban only clever in getting girls”) .Sban always say “get a girl as sexy as Beyonce is as easy as ABC”.

One of his Friend,Yusuf that already change his name into “Yosef” asked Sban last week in a tavern

“ Sban, i wonder why alo of girls like you ?”.Yosef make a face

“ What do you mean….Imean how do you know ?”.Sban looked his friend

“ Oh ..god …It’s too clear to detected ,everygirls always keep their eyes on you ,Every single you do is always attract their attantion .For instance,yesterday when i wore a glasses,all the girls asked me “yosef,do you hide something in your eyes?”, compare it when you use that glasses they asked”hey, Sban you look georgous with that,is that the new fashion ?”. Oh… god how blind they are”!. Yosef make a face again.

“ guys…to make the girl 2 knee ,you must have something that i call sense of lover advanture”.Sban explained seriously

“ Sense of lover advanture ?…..What’s that…..I know the other term of Playboy,don’t you ?

“Perhaps …! It’s a great collaboration among cupid and cupidity….Oh come on… girl is not to talking about …but….well forget it i have to pack now ..?

“ Pack…?

“ Where will you go ?

“ USA…! I have to visit my mother .i’ll back two weeks later…!

“Is it a must ?

“ looks like it!…well…i have to go now  see you dude…!



In the evening finally Sban arrived to his mother’s mansion , although he still get “jet lag”,he forced him self to get into the dinning room . Having dinner with his mother and his step father makes him fell like a martian . Actually he has a step sister over 4 years younger but she is’nt at home . His mother said that Syahira ( His step sister) won’t see him because she can’t accept her lovely mother have a son from another man except her father,and Sban is already mature enough to hear that,

“How does Syahira looks like mom? She’s already be a real woman isn’t she ?”.Sban open the conversation

“Syahira…syahira… I don’t know ,she’s not a girl not yet a woman !”.His mother Crowning

“What ?…I don’t see the light ,mom ?

“Ehm…she 20 years old now wearing veil and looks like religious girl but sometimes looks like a kid , see….she even wont to take you as a brother, She stay to her aunt every you come to visit me …..well,it’s mean that about ten years you don’t see her face yet !”.His mother smile wisely

“Well,actually it’s not a big deal for me , I can understand girl fell ……

“ that’s my son !”. Mom smile


6.30 in the morning,  Sban just woke up, and he found no body in that mansion, he forgot that it’s USA not Indonesia where at the same time he could easily find his father waiting for their driver who will bring him to his office, Yes! Father is always on time but pak jon, “his driver”is always late, absolutely an Indonesian ( you know what i mean). But although Sban has been a week here( USA), it’s looks so hard for him to wake before her mother go to work.  Sitting alone make sban bore,And he decide to hang out to the nearest park from his house, .

it’s already afternoon      , Sban is in the way home, suddenly he see a very beatiful girl out from his block, and Sban won’t let this chance gone, he want to know the girl,a week in America make him miss to every beautiful girl in indonesia So much, because  the american girl is’nt his type But now in front of him walk a very-very beatiful girl,although she wearing veil but his beauty is natural without any make up, Sban running into the girl and directly offer his hand

“hello i’m Sban !”.sban give her his sweetest smile

the girl keep walking

“ Was i being rude? Just tell me your name,i live here, where do. !” sban stop continueing ,he makes the girl scare and run left him alone.

“Ok. I’m Rude,i don’t know how to speak with the girl like you, i’ll find you !”. like a crazy,Sban talk to himself



day after day Sban always think about the girl, he always looking for her ,but he never saw her anymore. He wonder why there’s a girl avoid him,does him not a handsome anymore???

“what bothering you,son?” Mom shocked him

“oh. . . nothing?. Sban lying

“Come on. .you need money?. . .you miss you father ?but you’ll home next week !Oh. . .i know you miss your girl friend and you want to go home soon ?!”.mom look him sharply

“ no. .mom…exactly, i want to stay here longer. I swear! it just….”he thingking”may i ask you something?!”.

“what is it?”

“do you know a girl wearing veil who live arround here?”.

“which one . . .there’s alot of moslem here,and this is a block for moslem.from arab, pakistan,indonesia and many more . .so almost every girl wearing veil to show their identity.

“but do they a fanatic and avoid talking with a boys ?”.Sban looks serious

“some yes,but most of them are a moderat like us? Which one is the girl?

“I don’t know yet,but i’ll find out,maybe it’s too suddenly for her when i introduced myself at that day.that’s why she avoid me,right?”

“maybe son !


Someday, when sban open his window she look the girl walking foward his home, , ,in rush SBAN out of the house and say hello to the girl

“what do you want ?”.the girl finally talking

“nothing, i just want to  know you!”.Sban’s glad to hear the girl voices

“get out in front of me ,you irritating,don’t you now that ?”.the girl’s angry

“No way, i’m sorry if  being rude,but i know if you know me you’ll like me”. Sban pride him self

“what. . . no way!”.the girl yelling

“ WAY. . girl !”.Sban yelling too. ..

When the girl want to leave Sban, without permission Sban hold the girl’s hand and say” you know girl, i know the feeling when there’s  a girl want me to be their boyfriend,i always know when there’s a girl try to attract my attantion,but i don’t know why you are so vein and avoid me ,you think you are that pretty?”.Sban’s getting angry too

“let me go!”.thegirl seems do not care what sban said


SBAN let the girl, but  about 3 steps the girl turn back to SBAN and say ”i know what another thing you don’t know”

“what”. Sban looking the girl who closer to him

and the girl say”THIS, , ,”, suddenly she kick Sban with her booth

“ouch . . .what do you doing?!”. Sban yelling


“ what’s going on here ?”. mom out door and find Sban in pain

“ he impolite to me and i kick him, mom !”.the girl explain to her mother. . . .( WHAT….       HER….. MOTHER? ! ! !)

“you kicked him …Syahira ?”.Mom’s looks shocked

so does SBAN

“ What. . .Syahira, my sister. . .oh god. . .tell me it’s a dream!?

“ my Brother .. . MoM,you said he stay here only for a week !”.Syahira look into her mom

mom nad and asked syahira to follow her into their home and leave Sban thinking alone .Again! he talk to himself”Oh god, shame on me ! she’s right! One thing that i never felt is being kick by girl and she’s my own sister OH. . .Yosef i want to go home!



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